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Approx. Member Population

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Average Person to Housing Ratio

The Challenge

Most housing issues stem from wider social issues; many remote Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory do not have adequate, modern or structurally safe homes to raise families or create healthy environments. One of the current and primary challenges facing Kalano’s community housing is overcrowding.

The total population of the Katherine region is about 24,000 people of which about 60% identify as Aboriginal. While Aboriginal people and remote communities already face overwhelming challenges in terms of housing, this region’s homelessness population has reached epidemic rates.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Katherine Region has a rate of 1516 people per 10,000 population experiencing homelessness – that’s more than twice the NT average rate and thirty-one times the national average rate. These circumstances increase the demand and pressure on Kalano’s community housing and social services.

The Solution

Many of Kalano’s existing homes, which were built 30+ years ago, do not pass modern day safety or structural standards. Kalano Housing is in the process of renovating and providing upgrades to some of its homes with the assistance of Kalano’s Essential Services team. In the future, Kalano Housing aims to secure funding to build more homes.

Our Housing Team works closely with Kalano’s other programs to ensure that members have access to adequate services. Children in our communities take school buses to attend preschool, primary, and high school in the Town of Katherine. Members are provided transportation by our Community Development Program for grocery, medical, football and cultural activities. Kalano’s Community Patrol are the first responders and work to keep our communities safe.

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