Congratulations go to Mr Noel McDonald who in June reached the illustrious milestone of 40 years employment with Kalano Community Association Incorporated.  Noel is a highly valued member of the community and the organisation.  A resident of Myalli Brumby himself, Noel always strives to put forward ideas and contribute to the betterment of Kalano.  Noel has been one of the Managers of the Community Night Patrol programs for many years and often tells the stories of what it used to be like in the good old days where Night Patrol was just a truck that would pick people up and take them home or to the Sobering Up Shelter.   Noel is also heavily relied on as the Kalano Cultural Advisor and is a huge asset to everyone at Kalano for the clarifications around cultural matters.  Kalano is a much better organisation because of the commitment of people like Noel.

Kalano thanks Noel for his service and his time and looks forward to more years to come.

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