Progress Report

Town Camp Projects

June 2018 – July 2018

– Highlights

The Mallai Brumby Community Roads are near completion and the bus stop turn around point has been sealed. NTG have approved for the works to begin on the New Bus Shelter.

Power and water have been connected to the Mallai Brumby community. We are currently waiting for the Power and Water Authorities to connect the fuse for full usage. 

Progress Reports


The 4x3 bedroom houses at Geyulkgan Community are 95% complete and will be handed back to the tenants in the near future.


Full renovations on houses 2 and 12 in Mallai Brumby have begun.


The contractors for the Mallai Brumby footpaths have commenced work again after a short break. All footpaths should be completed within the next 2 weeks.


The new street lights at Mallai Brumby and Geyulkgan have been installed and are receiving positive feedback from residents.


The Kalano Community Association Sport Oval ablution block is 98% completed and we will be arranging an opening/inspection day in the near future.

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