Celebrating NAIDOC

Because of her, we can!

July 8 – July 15, 2018

-celebrating naidoc
NAIDOC at Kalano was a great success with about 250 – 300 people attending.

We had the Mayor, Fay Miller and Sandra Nelson attend and speak at the opening. KTR radio broadcasted from the event. 

Activities included a heap of kids games, including a jumping castle, sack races, soccer softball and piñatas. The women’s resource CDP activity ladies made the piñatas and items for the games over the previous few weeks.

External stakeholder stalls included Ranger Claire, Strongballa, CDU, Consumer Affairs, Cathlicare, No More Campaign, Katherine Women’s Crisis Centre, Centrelink, Territory Families, Team Health, Mission Australia, and YMCA.

We had a footy match between Strongballa and Kalano. There was plenty of food, ice cups and lollies for the kids.

This was a free day – no cost to any attendees. We expect to make this an annual NAIDOC event and to build on it, particularly the footy game.

What was really pleasing was the participation of the of the WFD clients. We had a couple of the really good attendees volunteer to be runners on the day and we gave them NAIDOC shirts. Some ladies made their own tie-dyed shirts for their efforts and to make them easily identifiable during the event.

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