The Kalano Community Association is in the process of Project Managing the NTG Town Camp Program and so far has committed works up to the $1.6million. The Town Camp Program will provide upgrades to the Mallai Brumby and Geyulkgan Infrastructure and Renovation to the community houses.

Projects that are currently in progress are the housing renovations to:

  • Geyulkgan Community – House No 01
  • Mallai Brumby Community – House No 25
  • Mallai Brumby Community – House No 28

Other works that have been approved and will commence soon are;

  • Installation of the water meter to each household
  • Replacement/upgrades to LED street lights at Mallai Brumby and Geyulkgan
  • Power/lights and water to the Mallai Brumby Community Sheds
  • Roadworks at Mallai Brumby – widening of roads to 6 x metres – reseal
  • 6 x grandstands for the sports oval
  • Renovation to Mallai Brumby House 02

Other Works submitted and awaiting approval:

  • Mallai Brumby & Geyulkgan – Footpaths
  • Mallai Brumby – Street Signs – Entrance sign and LED Electronic Notice Board

Works under consideration:

Concrete Kerbing

Tree Lopping

  • Renovations to Mallai Brumby Units.
  • Renovation to house 12 Mallai Brumby.
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