The Kalano Community Association’s Community Development Program (CDP) prides itself in exceeding the standard client service delivery. The CDP is an Australian Government initiative that engages and assists Job Seekers that enable skills development, training, overcome barriers and contribute to communities through various activities. It is designed to address the unique social and labour market conditions in remote Australian communities. It aims to increase employment and break the cycle of welfare dependency.

Aboriginal People Working For Aboriginal People

Kalano’s CDP has become a leader in the Northern Territory as it uniquely maintains an average of about a 90% Aboriginal caseload and a 70% Aboriginal workforce. Our Case Managers are trusted by our clients as our approach is individually-service based and culturally-appropriate by nature. We understand the barriers facing our clients and work collaboratively with them to implement solutions suited to their needs to ensure their sustainability.

Reinvesting Into Our Community

Our CDP program reinvests into its community through its CDP placements at Kalano Community Association, an Aboriginal owned and community-controlled resource organisation. CDP participants receive skills development and training through Kalano’s Essential Services, Housing Maintenance and Repairs, Mechanics Garage and Agricultural Farm, in addition to other services providers and employers in the Katherine region, notably the new Tindal project.

Employer Referrals

This past year, Kalano’s referral rate has increased from employers in the Katherine region due to our Case Manager-Client relationships and thorough management practices. This is creating more growth and opportunities for capacity-building workshops, learners license-tickets, activities, and placements for our CDP clients.



Our program hosts a wide range of activities and capacity-building workshops that nourish our client’s professional interests, education, skills development, and are related to Katherine’s primary industries in preparation for entering its workforce. Some of our activities are in partnership with other community organisations and corporations such as: Catholic NT Care, NT Drive Safe and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.


Case Managers work closely with our clients prior to placement to understand their long-term goals in an effort to find a suitable placement. During this process, Case Managers review the barriers that may impact the client’s success so that they may overcome them.


Kalano’s CDP Case Managers are trained to offer our clients post placement support and follow-up to determine the fit and success of their employer placements; the impact of their training and skills development; health care maintenance; and future opportunities for both the CDP participant and employer.

One Year



Aboriginal Clients


Indigenous Workforce


Katherine Office

Phone: (08) 8972 9212
Address:  Level 2, 42 Katherine Terrace, Katherine, NT, 0850

Manager: Brad Carruthers 


Kalano Office

Phone: (08) 8972 8223
Address:  Lot 508, McKeddie Road, Katherine, NT, 0850

CD Activity Coordinator: Brad Irwin

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