Kalano Community Association

An Aboriginal owned, operated and community-led organisation.

Who We Are

Kalano Community Association, an Aboriginal organisation, was established to meet the varying needs of the Aboriginal community, its members and their families within the Township of Katherine and its environs.

What We Do

Over the past 40+ years, we have created and developed effective programs that address shortfalls in housing availability, employment and economic activity, social, community and health-related programs for our member population.

Kalano Community Association is in a position to represent the views of its members and Council to the wider community, numerous authorities, and governments on a range of issues affecting Aboriginal people from both cultural and contemporary aspects.

Our Commitment 

We are committed to ensuring our communities have access to appropriate services in an equitable and culturally sensitive manner, develop and maintain accountability to its members and funding providers and meet our legal and corporate obligations.  We will look our own community for employment, development and work opportunities, and engage in a dialogue with its communities and members to ensure the direction of the Association is in line with community expressed aspirations.


Aboriginal communities are culturally vibrant, self-sustained, and radiate social well-being.


To deliver effective culturally-appropriate programs and services that aim to improve and empower the lives of our families, create healthy homes and communities.


The Kalano Community Association believes that a well established and healthy community is driven by Aboriginal people owning and controlling their own destiny.


We believe that Aboriginal community control of service delivery is essential for the best services and outcomes for Aboriginal people.


Programs will be holistic and culturally reliable and incorporate the traditional beliefs and customs as appropriate.


We will encourage and foster a two way learning service delivery model, which blends a mix of Aboriginal and contemporary concepts.


We will promote mutual respect between Kalano staff and its community members, their families and representatives.


Kalano believes in and encourages all members and staff right to participate to their full potential.


Kalano’s business will be conducted in a fair and transparent manner.


We are committed to meaningful communication between members and programs of the Association. Such communications will respect the confidentiality of the member’s rights to make their own decisions.


We will seek to attract programs that will promote opportunities that will lead to skills development and employment.


Good governance will be the foundation of the way Kalano operates, underpinned by the values of teamwork, honesty, integrity, transparency, fairness and pride.


Kalano Community Association members are local Aboriginal people living in the member communities Myalli Brumby, Rockhole, Geyulkgan, Jodetluk and the Town of Katherine.


Kalano Community Association Inc. is an Aboriginal community-controlled organisation, governed by Councillors who are elected every two years by members in their communities. Annual General Meetings are held to report Association activities to its members.

Elected community representatives:

  • Myalli Brumby [4 positions]
  • Rockhole [4 positions]
  • Geyulkgan [2 positions]
  • Jodetluk [2 positions]
  • Town of Katherine [4 positions]


Kalano Community Association partners and collaborates with other health and social services providers in Katherine and the greater region to develop and maintain healthy and safe its communities for its members.

Wurli-Wurlinjang Health Service

Offers general and primary health-care, women’s and children’s health programs, the Gudbinji chronic conditions program, Strongbala men’s health and client support.

North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency

Delivering high quality and culturally proficient Aboriginal legal services to the Top End of the Northern Territory.

Jawoyn Association

Jawoyn Association strives to improve the cultural, social economic well-being of their people while caring for country as one nation.


Kalano Community Association maintains high standards of accreditation, policy and reporting processes.


Accreditations and Awards

ISO:9001 Quality Management
Woolworths Quality Assurance (WQA) Standard – Kalano Farm
Territory Tidy Towns Best CDEP Medium Community Winner
Territory Tidy Towns Best Project Under CDEP Runner Up Kalano Farm
Territory Tidy Towns Best Large Community Winner
Territory Tidy Towns Katherine and Kalano Community-Government Partnership Award

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2016-2017
Annual Report 2015-2016
Annual Report 2014-2015
Annual Report 2013-2014
Annual Report 2012-2013
Annual Report 2011-2012
Annual Report 2010-2011
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