The very talented ladies at CDP were very excited to be awarded first place in the Katherine Regional Arts Junk Festival with their entry of Sammy the Turtle.  The ladies worked very hard on Sammy and were lucky enough to take out the Group / Organization division which has a prize of $1000. 

The purpose of the competition was to use only recycled materials to build their sculpture and the ladies used wire, bottle caps, bottle tops, cans, and plastic bottles to create what ended up, simply a masterpiece. 

The ladies constructed Sammy at the women’s hub at Rockhole as a part of the CDP skill development program and we at Kalano are proud and thrilled to have these talented ladies leading the way for their community and other participants of the CDP program.

The Katherine Regional Arts Junk Festival is a popular annual event in Katherine and attracts a huge number of people with food stalls, live music and performers, activities for the kids and adults alike and of course a large amount of recycled art and costumes which illustrates the amazingly cultured, talented, and artistic side of Katherine.

The Rockhole ladies designed Sammy the Turtle with the focus of incorporating several themes and reasons.  The first being that they wanted to symbolize a bush tucker delicacy for Indigenous people but also wanted to highlight the need to keep our rivers and billabong systems junk free.  Much of the rubbish was collected from the banks of the river behind Rockhole

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