You may have seen the Blue Tree on the right-hand side of the Stuart Highway as you head towards Mataranka?  Well, now Kalano has its own BLUE TREE right here at Kalano.  With a lot of hard work from Brad Irwin, all the CDP staff and many participants the common meeting area at Kalano has been converted into an amazing area to sit, meet, and reflect.

The aim of this project is to encourage people to start the difficult conversations and open- up if they are suffering from depression and/or anxiety. With this project, Blue Tree hopes to raise awareness but also become a part of the change to help better inform our health system of where people are being let down.

A huge amount of work has gone in to cleaning up the once, ugly, concrete tables and chairs under a roof of rusted corrugated iron and converting it into the most amazing art featured spot in the Kalano grounds.

The CDP team, including participants helped to replace the roof, clean up and repaint the cement floor, remove the old trees and cut back the Blue Tree, they painted the blue tree, put a garden bed and sign at the base and the CDP female participants completed this artwork on the tables and chairs that now should be in a museum but for now Kalano is very lucky to have it on site at lot 508.  If you are ever at Kalano please have a look.

On The 14th of May Kalano promoted and dressed in Blue for ‘Do it for Dolly’ day.  You can see left the Transport Service staff donning their blue outfits.  For more information about these amazing initiatives please visit

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